DIY Travel Inspired Nursery

DIY Travel Inspired Nursery

If there are two things that I can not live without in this world (of course besides God and my family) it's traveling and a GOOD DEAL! I have vowed to try to never buy anything that I don't need unless it's a "good deal!" I am guilty for always pulling over when I see the EVERYTHING MUST GO signs at any business. Gets me every time!

When I was pregnant with my son, I knew I wanted his nursery to be special, but WOW baby stuff is expensive. So my creative side, teamed up with my side that loves to travel and find a good deal and the result was this beautiful Travel Inspired Nursery. Most of the pieces I made myself, others were from discount stores or gifted. Here is how you can create a similar look!

This used to be our guest room, we took everything out and started with a blank canvas. Paint is a great way to completely change the look of a room without spending a crazy amount of money. I primed the walls and painted large stripes onto the wall with BEHR no VOC interior flat paint. I used two very light shades of grey. I didn't want my nursery to scream BOY or GIRL. So, I thought grey would be a good in between and doesn't pull too much attention.

Then I found this piece of art at Home Goods. This was the inspiration for the rest of the nursery. It hangs above his crib and I absolutely love it still. 

Now let's talk changing station.

Everyone needs one, trust me you will be spending lots of time here. This was the only piece of furniture that we recycled into the nursery. We got this beautiful reclaimed wood/metal dresser at Urban Home for $499. I love that it looks a bit vintage and isn't a typical nursery looking piece. 

The actual changing pad was a gift, but you can find these everywhere. I recommend not spending too much money when it comes to the changing pad. A lot of people get suckered into the pricey organic ones. (Unless, you find an organic one for a "good deal!" But, if money is in question, spend it somewhere else. Any changing pad will do! Like this one from Summer Infant for $14.99. When it comes to the changing pad covers I got one off amazon in a cloud print. It is made by Carters and I love it.

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 4.36.29 PM.png

Buy extra changing pad covers!

There will be poop... lots of poop

Store pacifiers in an apothecary jar for a classy look. I got this one at Home Goods for $12. After sanitizing them, this jar keeps them germ and dust free. The letter "Z" I got on sale at Michaels for $1.70!!! <----always remember to use your coupons! The mini globe was gifted. 


This world clock is from Cost Plus World Market. I actually got this for my "World Travel" themed wedding and this was a perfect place to reuse it. "His name written in the clouds" was a DIY I created myself. I used white felt to make the clouds. The letters I got for 90% off at Michaels and they are hot glued on. I used command strips to adhere them to the wall. The banner is made with yarn and pieces of fabric from JoAnns. All of the fabric was from the discount bin. I tried to match the colors of the inspiration art as closely as possible. 

DIY Hat Rack!!!

This project only cost me $11 and took about 10 minutes to complete.

Check out this video on how to make your own hat rack!!!


Finding creative ways to store all of the baby stuff was really important to me. 

Check out this awesome vintage suitcase drawer DIY. I found this suitcase at a thrift store for $15. The pin legs I purchased on Amazon for $75. The assembly was incredibly easy. You just need  some screws and a drill. The globe, giraffe and wall art are from Home Goods. I found the decal for the wall art on Amazon. It was an easy transfer and it looks stunning! The metal storage bin under the suitcase is from Ross!!! The rocking horse is by B Toys, you can purchase one at Target!


Ok, I have to admit, I'm pretty proud of this DIY! My son is absolutely obsessed. It's kind of like a mobile on steroids. I purchased the plane at Home Goods. It was in the storage bin because it was missing its plastic ladder. (who cares?!?! Not Me!) I spray painted it to match his nursery decor. Check out this video on how to make these adorable DIY Floating Clouds. 


This picture UGHHHH Heart = Melted

This picture UGHHHH Heart = Melted

$3 Bookshelves? YES PLEASE!


Cribs can get expensive! We went on the lower end but still nice and functional. We were gifted the Bayletto Mercer 3 in 1 Crib from Target. We went with this crib because of the extra drawers for storage and the fact that it converts into a toddler bed. We were thinking about going with the crib that converts all the way into a twin bed. However, we thought by then our son may want a race car bed or something crazy. Who knows, kid #2 may be here by then and they will have a lovely crib to get handed down. We absolutely LOVE this crib!

Register for three crib sheets & three waterproof liners!

Trust me! When your child has a blowout or throws up in their crib, you are not going to want to wait for the laundry to be done to put them back to sleep! Put all three on at once. You will then just need to remove the dirty one and there is a fresh one underneath! BAM!



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