DIY 3 in 1 Board Magnet-Chalk-Felt

DIY 3 in 1 Board Magnet-Chalk-Felt

Save Space, Save Money and keep your kids entertained for hours with this DIY 3 in 1 Art Board. This project was very cost effective and triples as a magnet, chalk and felt board!

I was inspired to create something for my sons room when I found this oversized frame on my neighbor's curb. "One man's trash, is another man's treasure!" My son is now 15 months old and quickly outgrowing the baby stuff. He is always on the move and loves exploring new things all day long. So lately I have been on a mission to create new projects to help him learn and give me a much needed "break. So I created this, and he LOVES it. His best friend who is four years old also has a blast playing on this, so I'm confident we will get years of fun out of this.


Here is what you will need:

  • A Frame - we lucked out and got ours for free. I recommend looking at your local thrift stores for a cool decorative frame. This one is plastic, but looks wood.
  • Spray Paint - Get creative and spray your frame a cool color. 
  • Magnetic Paint - I used Rust-o-leum Magnetic Primer. This stuff is a bit pricey ($20)
  • Chalk Board Paint - Wal-Mart has it cheaper than Home Depot or Lowes!
  • Flannel - Measured out to fit the inside of your frame
  • Felt - To make characters for your felt board
  • Needle and Thread
  • Velcro (no larger than the width of the ribbon you choose to use)
  • Command Strips
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Pencil

Step One

Spray paint your frame in any color you choose. Allow to ventilate outdoors until completely dry. Once your frame is dry place it on the wall in desired location and with your pencil trace the inside of your frame onto the wall. This will be the template used to paint the magnetic and chalk board paint on to. 

Step Two

Once you have a template traced you can start the process of painting on the magnetic primer first. KEEP IN MIND - this paint is VERY hard to stir and it must be stirred completely before painting on. This paint also has crazy fumes. I made sure to start the painting early n the morning after my son woke up. I cranked the fans and opened all of the windows and did not let him back into his room until later that night. I ended up painting four coats of the magnetic primer. I kept testing it with magnets after each coat was dry. 

Step Three

Once desired amounts of magnetic primer are painted on and dry, start painting on your chalkboard paint. I ended up doing two coats of chalkboard paint. This paint will dry darker than the magnetic primer, so make sure you fully cover it, or you will see the difference in color. Let dry completely.

Step Four

Now its time to secure your frame. You can use most any screw just make sure it is long enough to go through your frame and secure into the wall. 

TA DA!!! Your magnetic and chalk board are done! Now to add the felt board.

Step Five

This is where I had the most difficulty. At first I tried felt on felt and I was not happy with the way that the characters "stuck" to the board. Someone told me to use Flannel on the board instead of felt. I tried that, but would honestly say, felt may work just as well. All of the characters "stick" you just have to press them on firmly. Measure out your large piece of flannel or felt to fit the inside of the frame. 

Step Six

To secure your piece of flannel/felt onto the board you will need the ribbon, velcro, Needle/thread and scissors. Start by sewing the ribbon onto the back side on the felt board leaving some room at the top for ribbon to hang over. (Please view our Instagram for more video tutorials.) You will be sewing a small piece of velcro at both ends of the ribbon. One end you will secure to the wall with a command hook. The other end will fall behind the felt board until you are ready to put it away. To put it away you will roll the bottom all the way to the top and use the pice of ribbon that was behind the felt board to secure it on top of the frame. See photo below:


Step Seven

Now it's time to get creative and make characters and things out of felt. Start easy with trees, sun, grass and if you want to challenge yourself, look up felt inspiration on Pinterest and felt away. My son is currently learning his body parts, so he LOVES putting together the faces that I made. 



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