Will the blanket suffocate him? Can he snuggle with a stuffed animal? Already the days of being over cautious about nothing being in his crib, are coming to an end. It's a bittersweet moment but getting his "big kid" room ready is so exciting! Before fully transforming his entire room, we are taking baby steps and got our son his first toddler pillow to use in his crib. We stumbled upon these amazing pillowcases by Milo and Gabby and we are so obsessed. Zephyr and Marlo can have matching pillows that are just their size!

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The Dinosaur

by Milo and Gabby

When are toddlers old enough to use a pillow?

Age will vary depending on each child's development. When your child transitions from crib to bed, it's a good time to look for signs that their ready for a pillow at bedtime.  This happens usually around 18-24 months. Can you tell they are not sleeping comfortably? Then this may be a good time to introduce a toddler pillow. Toddler pillows are smaller and proportioned for little ones bodies. Milo and Gaby's toddler pillowcases are not only adorable, but also provide customizable comfort with their pillow inserts which you can buy separately. Their pillow inserts contain a silver-embedded microfiber, breathable, hypoallergenic filling that offers natural antibacterial properties. When finding a pillow for bedtime make sure you choose the right size. But. remember that all of Milo and Gabby pillows are great for play, snuggle time and of course pillow fights!

Are Milo and Gabby pillow cases just for toddlers?

No! Milo and Gabby make their adorable cases in different sizes, so big and little kids can join in the fun. We have both sizes of the Dylan The Dinosaur case and our sons LOVE them. Marlo even brought his to school on Pajama Day!


Pajama Day

would not be complete without Dylan The Dinosaur!

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